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This forum could use some colour, if you ask me. There's far too much Abrams fawning around here, a dissenting voice to shake up the status quo should not only be a welcome change, but a required one. Even/especially if my arguments are narrow-minded and only serve to appease me.
You're such a hero.

Come on, we are Trek fans, Abrams is The Man. The Man is not supposed to be liked. Trek fans of old didn't like Rick Berman, Star Wars fans don't like George Lucas, Doctor Who fans don't like Steven Moffat and they didn't like RTD before him. What the hell is so special about Abrams that he gets worshipped while others in his position are so reviled?
He makes good movies. With Star Trek he made an entertaining movie that appealed to a broader audience and made more money than any other Star Trek, even adjusted for inflation which thus gives us more Star Trek down the road, breathing life into the shitty, rotting carcass that was Star Trek before he took over.

All of this should be quite evident. If you're one of those "no Star Trek is better than JJ Star Trek" people then I truly pity you and good luck with that.
"Just be yourself" is good advice to probably 5% of people.
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