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Re: jj abrams not in 3rd star trek movie

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Does directing Star Wars automatically rule JJ out of also doing another Trek film? Assuming production dates don't clash, is there some rule that you're not allowed to work on both franchises???
No, directing Star Wars is not enough of a reason to keep Abrams away from Trek XIII. Practically speaking however, I awlays suspected Abrams and his cohorts wouldn't be involved with Trek XIII anyway. Paramount will want it in 2016, Trek's 50th anniversary. If Abrams delivers Star Wars by 2015, that doesn't leave very much time to get XIII done. And since his Cohorts took their sweet time getting the STID script done, Paramount will want someone who doesn't take three years to do something they promised would be done "at the end of the month." Hell, though Disney wants Abrams to direct Star Wars, they do not want his cohorts write it.
Abrams has made Paramount a bona-fide tentpole franchise out of a dead and dried-up husk. They will do whatever he wants, and on whatever schedule that he chooses.
The 50th anniversary will be celebrated. If James Bond could release a movie for its 50th anniversary despite belonging to a bankrupt studio. Doctor Who has no new productions being made this year except its 50th anniversary special (and its fandom is in an uproar that that's not enough). Paramount is going to look weak if they do nothing to mark Trek's 50th anniversary special. A new movie is the only practical option open to them. If Abrams can't deliver a movie for 2016, they'll find someone who can. They did it before with Harve Bennett and Trek VI.
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