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Re: Continuum (US) Season 1 Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

I don't understand this line of debate. People are questioning why the characters who were introduced as violent bad guys are still being portrayed as violent bad guys? The whole point is that they're ruthless. The cause they fight for is one most of us would support, all else being equal; what makes them worse than Kiera is the extreme and brutal methods they use.

And come on, anyone who's willing to kill 30,000 people to strike down a mere 20 corporate heads is already "reveling in it." There are plenty of more surgical, targeted ways to take out a select few targets. Causing that much mass death isn't about strategic precision, it's about destruction for its own sake. It's about making yourself feel powerful by causing major destruction and spreading terror far and wide. Drone strikes are a terrible analogy because those are much more surgical, specifically designed to minimize collateral damage. Liber8's actions were designed to maximize it. We're talking about acts that killed one thousand five hundred innocents for every one "guilty" target. That's excessive by any standard.
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