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Upon re-reading, I am going to retract that entire last post except the part about Occam's Razor. Most crackpots have strong faith and serious belief. Doesn't keep them from being out of touch with reality, as evidenced by the "Build the real Enterprise!" thread I'm engaged in at the other end of the dial. Therefore I cannot absolve the apostles and simultaneously condemn Von Daniken on that basis alone.

Still think he's a flake, though.
That's very true. There are individuals who post on this website who believe they will be traveling in their Star Ships at warp speed.

So who are the bigger nut-cakes - the one's that with conviction believe that Jesus brought a man back from death - the one's that believe that the US should fund the building of the Enterprise in orbit - or the one's who believe that aliens helped our ancient ancestors move 100 ton stones up mountainsides?
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