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Re: 'Dark Frontier' Where the Borg went wrong?

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I'm not saying that you're wrong, I'm only saying that they're inconsistent.

When they did their press for Dark Frontier it's possible that they hadn't started writing Endgame yet.
Oh I do understand that, and I'm not saying you are wrong either, but the idea of them being the same queen doesn't work for me. You know Guy, you are a lot of fun to spar with.

The idea that First Contact and Scorpion happened one after the other within a very short span of time got me thinking. Actually it made me write Borg Queen fic LOL, and not the naughty stuff I usually write.
As a hypothetical...

The Alice Kriege Queen loves Picard.

Something awful happens to Picard, so she goes back in time to save him when he's still young and beautiful in 2373.

You say she died in Endgame?

I say that in Admiral Janeway's original timeline that the Queen lived well past 2378 which some people insist survived intact and the Admiral is not responsible for universal slaughter... Omnicide? But Seven admitted what the Borg did to 2063 duing Year of Hell. So the Queen entered History before the Admiral did.

If the Queen wanted to go back in time, why wait till she got to Earth? Why fight the Federation fleet for nine hours before she decided to play with time? How could the fleet have lasted nine hours unless she didn't want to kill them, and the Queen could have back stepped while she was still in Borg space and avoided any fuss. Why was she fighting left handed?

Maybe she was waiting for Picard?

Her boyfriend.

If so, then First Contact happened after Endgame.

Of course, why then did Picard remember Alice's Queen from the Best of Both Worlds flash back?

He didn't remember the Queen at all before the movie.

The memory might have been a faaaaaaaaaake?

(Or tweaked.)
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