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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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He just shits all over our sacred and beloved Trek!1!!

Btw doesn't he have a new tv show in the works too?
I really don't get all of the angst/anger over JJ Abrams and Trek and now that he will direct Wars. He has turned Trek back into a viable franchise and has brought in legions of new fans.

After the disaster of a film Nemesis that not only was a financial failure for Paramount but was barely watchable even to the most ardent of Trek fans [like myself] he's re-branded the Trek into something commercially successful and fun to watch for new fans and old.

By adding Wars to his directorial resume and potentially he'll be able to revive Wars as well - we as Sci Fans may have years of "space opera," that is popular for years.

Abrams with the likely commercial success of the upcoming Trek film as well as the excitement of Wars coming out also has additionally likely lofted himself into the same stature of James Cameron who has also proven to movie going audiences that sci-fi can be exciting and compelling as well.

We should all be rejoicing as fans of sci-fi that lots of new material will be coming out for years to come between Cameron and Abrams who know how to make great films.

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