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Frankly, I had to spend around $1600 per computer for Adobe CS5.5 for Fast Copy's graphics department. What distresses me the most is the cost to upgrade is practically impossible unless I take out a loan. That being said, I've used CorelDraw up to 9.0, and now I'm using CS5.5 at work and CS6 at home. I find all of their interfaces counterintuitive, and now that Forbin has divulged that the Illuminati and Freemasons are behind it, I'm kicking myself for not having realized that earlier. That explains everything.
I'm glad I'm not alone! The other graphics guy in my dept worked with Adobe until he started with us 15 years ago. Now he says he loves Corel and can barely remember how to use Photoshop. When he tries, he hates it.
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