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Re: American Horror Story: Asylum (Spoilers)

Loved the finale through the very end, but I am confused about the very final scene - the flashback between Sister Jude and Lana. I remember part of that conversation occurring in the beginning when she first arrived, but then it deviated and got kind of odd. At least two mentions of "Lana Banana", harkening back to the "Name Game" song, which I don't recall the first time, the "looking at evil and evil looks back" bit and the scene where Lana just simply...walks out.

What just happened there? I actually started thinking that maybe all the things that happened this season were either figments of Jude's damaged mind or fabrications for Lana's book.

Seriously, does anyone know the significance of that final scene? I played it several times over in the DVR and its meaning eludes me.

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