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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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I've never been a Star Wars fan, but I loved JJ Abrams' version of Trek.

If this is true, I have a bad feeling about Star Trek XIII for Trek's 50th...
Maybe there'll be a TV project of some kind on the air by Sept. 8, 2016? The actual fiftieth anniversary doesn't necessarily have to be honored on the wide screen.
Actually, this is a good idea.

When you think about it, for a series that began on television, and IMO is best fit for television, to not be on the air in the era TV has finally surpassed film in the storytelling craft is unusually conspicuous. This might be the excuse it needs to return.

Orci and Kurtzman can run a Trek TV series while Abrams prances around the galaxy far, far away.

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Considering how the Bond50 promotional push helped Skyfall become the most successful film in its franchise (it was always likely to do well, but breaking the Thunderball barrier was extraordinary) I suspect Paramount will move heaven and Earth to get a film out in 2016, with or without Abrams.
Word of mouth had a lot more to do with Skyfall's success than the anniversary which was trivial for most people.

Well sad....word of mouth helped skyfall a lot. The thing is when it comes to commerical sucess, JJ Abrams is in safe wars will always be sucessful even if some of the films are said to be terrible.

star trek on the other hand needs the word of mouth to be possitive.if into darkness gets a lot of neatgive reviews then the film will bomb.

star trek is not as bullet proof as star wars when it comes to box office gross.

However I guarantee that JJ Abrams will not tolerate bad acting unlike Lucas.

One of the downfalls of episode 1-3 was the horrific acting, especially from hayden christensen.

If you compare trek vs wars films...the 09 movies comes in second to empire stike backs in term of the critical reception.

In all honesty I almost feel sorry for JJ Abrams. Star Wars 09 is one of the highest rated and one of the best reviewed sci fi films ever,it will be hard for him to top that from a critical point of veiw.
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