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Re: Is the Klingon D7 Class and K'Tinga Class Battlecruiser the same s

^^^ I was always under the impression that Klingon cloaks just weren't all that great, much like their dodgy warp cores (mentioned in ST4) and other technology in general.

I can't remember where it came from, but there was some additional speculation that, while traveling under sub-standard cloak for so long, Kruge and his crew became somewhat mentally unstable (at least, by Klingon standards), which is why he was willing to risk war with the Federation by crossing deep into Fed space without much of a second thought, brazenly attack any Starfleet or non-SF ships he ran into along the way (Merchantman, Grissom, Enterprise), combined with his "dishonorable" use of hostages to achieve his goals. Again, by Klingon standards, he was a complete nutjob.

By the time the 24th century rolls around the technology has clearly improved, as BoP's like the Rotarran clearly didn't have such issues.
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