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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Why does Superman need a vehicle anyway?!
They frequently make movie tie-in toys which don't actually appear in the movie (assuming your tongue wasn't in your cheek with the question).

Of course, the Superman Lives script had some sort of vehicle for a depowered, back-from-the-dead Supes, as I recall.
Tongue was most certainly in my cheek as I'm sue the toy is simply for that, a toys, and not to be something that's in the movie. But even as a toy it opens a lot of questions, most of them starting with "Why?" It's also hardly the first vehicle introduced for Superman in the toy line. But he's Superman he doesn't need a car or a powered flight suit!
Indeed. I could never understand that myself. Ditto the various Spider-man toy cars and helicopters we see too - but it's even more so with Supes.
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