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Re: What the hell is McCoy doing on the bridge?

"What the h3ll is McCoy doing on the bridge?"


"I can see that!"

"Odd, that McCoy standing there. I wonder where he's from?"

"Perhaps he came from next door."

"Next door?! The bridge doesn't even have a 'next' door! It only has the single turbolift!"

"Perhaps he comes from StarFleet?"

"If he did, he'd have 'property of StarFleet' stamped on him."

"No he wouldn't! You can't 'stamp' a huge Kzinti!"

"They stamp them when they're small!"

"Do Kzinti molt?"

"No, and neither do humans!"

"Oy, that argument went nowhere."

"Aye, we need a military type to come in here and end this sketch on account of being 'silly'."

"Can't we do it ourselves?"

"We don't have the rank."

"Perhaps if we just stop talking?"

"That'll do."




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