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Re: Star Trek: Cast No Shadow Review Thread

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I did name a ship after the esteemed Mr. Ford – the Chon’m (say it slowly – Chon’m = John M... Geddit?!?)
Oh, hence the explanation that it was the name of a noted warrior-poet.
I didn't catch that at all. Awesome.

I rated the book above average. I thought it was a pretty good page turner and I liked all the Vaughn back story in it. In fact I was surprised how much of the story was Vaughn even though I went in knowing he was in it based in the reading chart. Of course I'm guessing you're not going to sell a lot of books with the cover saying "Now we finally get to find out how Vaughn started out as a spy". And yeah, Spock wasn't in it nearly as much as the cover indicates but he was in there the right amount for the story.

In fact I think all the TV/movie characters were in it for the right amount. Sulu and his crew and Spock and Undiscovered Country people in flash backs. I didn't feel like people were brought in just because we needed some more characters we've seen on the screen

I can see some of the issues other people have brought up but I was engaged enough in the story, it was an interesting era to put a story in, it was an interesting set of characters, etc that I thought there were way more pluses than minuses.

I admit I probably went in with expectations too high because I'm one of those people who rates The Day of Vipers an 11/10 but even thought it doesn't match that high bar it kept me turning pages until the end.
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