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Re: What did/does the Borg say to the kazon whenever they cross paths?

The Kazon rebellion was 50 years earlier where they "liberated" the Trabe fleet.

We are to believe that the Kazon have not built new capital ships because they probably can't, and that their fleet is probably falling apart held together by happy thoughts since no one is formally educated, it's just you're born in engineering, and you work in engineering until you die in engineering... Which is just an "Apprenticeship" by another name.

If they don't have transporters that puts them a generation before Archers Enteprise.

250 years behind Voyager.

Voyager should have been using transporters to empty Kazon crews into space.

Cullah certainly did after having transporters for half an hour.

If O'Brien can transport through Kirks Enteprise's Shields when they're on, kazon shields which didn't know that transporters were a real thing, should have been transparent to Tuvok. It's almost seemd like the crew of Voyager wanted a fight fair, when they could have won so easily on every front becuase they didn't want to seem like bullies.

Why the frakk weren't they building more tricolbot devices?

I grew up watching Blakes Seven.

The good guys had a ship the bad guys needed a fleet to match evenly.

That's what I was promised for Voyager and I was denied.
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