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Re: Star Trek Hangman Game

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Yes, I'm asking for a vowel. I've been playing this game since your grandfather was in diapers, and its a stupid, new rule that no one can ask for vowels. This ain't wheel of fortune. It's a casual time killing game, and I use the word "game" in the loosest possible sense.

Actually, the no vowel thing is my idea, and I've never claimed it was a new rule. It's just that I don't ask for vowels and when I am the "host" with the quote, I don't give out vowels. I've never tried to claim that everyone else has to do this as well. If you want to ask for a vowel, go right ahead.

Notice that I had a wink smiley. My slightly sarcastic tone is hard to convey in text...

I was actually hoping the "diapers" reference (used by both Scotty and Kirk) would give away my sarcasm.
Ah, no worries then. Feel free to ask for vowels if you want. I won't complain about it. But you ain't gettin' any vowels from me, dagnarn it!

And I will ask the hangman if I may please have a T.
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