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Re: FAULTY - the two worst TOS remastering mistakes

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Perhaps, but choosing to make this change is a bit of an intrusion by the "restorationist" into the role of the writer or director, because altering the subject of the eyeline-match shot alters the narrative, however slightly.
A bit of an intrusion, sure. I'll agree with that completely.

A "mistake"? No, I won't go that far.

Hmmm, interesting discussion! Well, you're entitled to your opinion (and your avatar) Boobatuba, but the remastering team had no right to so significantly change the meaning and impact of that cut. The music score from genius Sol Kaplan tells you exactly what's supposed to be happening -- WHAM!!!! In a microsecond we are whacked by the visual snapshot of the Enterprise at the maw of the cone.

The remastering denies the visual impact of that cut, and instead puts "video static" where there was none before!!! Call me a purist if you must, but that's some pretty major tampering.


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