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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

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So news has come out that Jenna Louise Coleman has signed up for "Strictly Come Dancing"
Um, no, popbitch thinks she's on their wishlist, that's it - the celeb dancers aren't hired until around June, so neither she nor anyone else has "signed up" for this year.

So, no, total bollocks, for now anyway.
(And in any case, the celebs do still manage to shoot their regular shows during Strictly, as Colin Salmon confirmed on screen last season, talking about flying in for the weekend from wherever he was filming Arrow during weekdays)
Yeah the Strictly celebs don't get picked for a while yet, but it wouldn't surprise me that she was on their wish list, I posited a while back that given the 50th it wouldn't surprise me if there was a Who connection on Strictly (in fact I half suspected they might go after Davison if I'm honest).

And yeah plenty of celebs are filming/working while the show is on.

Hmm, I wonder if its possible to Salsa to the Doctor Who theme?
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