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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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If the next Star Wars film is due for release in 2015, then principal photography will take place in 2014 - Abrams could move on to directing another film in 2015 while supervising post production on Star Wars.

Mind you, he's not being brought into Star Wars to "reboot" or otherwise reshape it. He's being hired to direct one film, already written, in a series that they're evidently talking to other directors about continuing.
That's what I was thinking... and they could release the next Trek film on December 31, 2006. That would make it so that it is technically being released in time for the 50 year anniversary. At the same time, I still won't be suprised if Paramount doesn't release the next Trek film in 2016.

IMO, it would have been better if JJ never said that he wouldn't direct the next SW film out of loyalty to Trek fans. He set himself up and can now look to some as if he isn't being loyal to Trek fans. Of course, this is just gonna make the ST vs. SW rivalry even more heated!!

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