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Re: 'Dark Frontier' Where the Borg went wrong?

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You do understand that although Susannah (and the writers) thought she was playing a new queen, which is a fair enough assumption since the movie Queen ran away back in time leaving a vacuum or created a new timeline which could have changed Borg history radically enough to have a new Queen, which could have been the truth in season 6, there's that the writers of Endgame in season 7 are purported to think that Alice's Queen in Endgame was the same Queen that Janeway had been butting heads with even if Alice's TV Queen wasn't the same Queen Alice's Movie Queen which keeps in line with the season 6 writers rooms beliefs above board.

Your prooving things in the wrong direction.
Nope, she didn't just decide they were different, she was told that they were. Susanna Thompson even had an extra prosthesis on her throat that Alice Krige didn't have in First Contact, but did have in Endgame.

But since you don't like my "Memory Alpha" evidence, then here is a quote from the Trek Website.

Information on this being is still very limited. Apparently the Borg Queen has been destroyed on a number of occasions, but another queen always seems to take her place. (It is not clear whether more than one queen exists simultaneously, or if a new queen is created when the old one dies.) The Borg's collective nature makes it likely that each Borg Queen has all her predecessors' (and/or counterparts') qualities and memories. Therefore when she speaks as "I," she is presumably referring to all previous manifestations of the Queen, going back probably thousands of years.

I can buy that all the Queens had access to all the previous Queen's memories, but the bodies were different, and the Queen could physically die. Her replacement was always there in her circle of drones in Unimatrix One, just like Seven of Nine.
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