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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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Star Wars fans have only have complained about the quality of the product and never about some misguided notion that the product was some phantom writ of their own creation.
Um... I assume this is a joke. The "... raped my childhood!" meme your sig references began with people saying it about Lucas. While I've met plenty of cool Star Wars fans, some of the most entitled things I've ever heard were about Lucas.

No fandom is different really. All the types of people on various sides and to varying degrees of how strongly they're arguing in this thread can be found on Gallifrey Base or an anime forum or whatever. The product is irrelevant; the ways in which fans act is the same across the board. Pretty much the only exception are sports fans; while (again) there are plenty of nice people who happen to like sports, there's (especially in Europe) a level of violence and physical destruction that isn't found in Internet nerds.
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