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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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No, you guys are being too naive. There's more to this.

And no Star Trek and Star Wars are not the same thing and they should never be.
But having the same director doesn't make them the same thing. Are Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park and, hell, Schindler's List the same thing because they're all directed by Spielberg?

Are Felicity and Alias and Lost the same things because they were all created by Abrams?

Are Indiana Jones and Star Wars the same thing because they were both created by Lucas?

Are Terminator and Avatar (and Titanic!) the same thing because they were all directed by James Cameron?

Heck, the late Robert Wise directed The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Andromedra Strain, The Haunting, Star Trek: The Motion Picture . . . and The Sound of Music.

You don't need to imply some sinister agenda just because the same director takes on more than one high-profile project. Or fear that any given director can only direct one kind of movie
Stop using so many examples. Nobody likes a showoff.
What can I say? I'm long-winded.

One more example. Ron Moore did DS9. Ron Moore did BSG. Did anybody have an issue with that?

Bottom line: a guy who directed a couple of movies in a popular sf series is going to direct a movie in another popular sf series.

I fail to see the problem.
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