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Re: VOTE shows we miss

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... dissapointed that ENTERPRISE was the only Star Trek show to make the cut.
Speakin' just for myself, I don't miss Trek as much as I probably should.

TOS got the animated series, which I watched for the first time a couple of years ago, six movies and a reboot.

TNG had a nice endin' after a not so good final season, plus four movies, only two of which were really good.

DS9 had a perfect endin', and a great series of post-finale novels.

I stopped VOY regularly before it even ended.

And ENT just wasn't that good to begin with.

And they do all have books that tell stories within, before & after their shows aired, so if I'm in the mood, I can find a story to enjoy with characters I like.

I decided to go with Quantum Leap 'cause it is my favorite non-Trek scifi, and if there were a revival of the series of some kind, I'd be right there watchin' it. I used to have all the tie-in novels, just over a dozen of 'em, and have written ideas and bad fan fic about how the series could be brought back with Scott Bakula as a recurrin' guest star & Dean Stockwell as an occasional special guest star while shiftin' the focus to Sammy Jo Fuller, Sam's daughter, and Al & Beth's oldest daughter from the altered history of the series finale.

And also 'cause auntiehill thought it would be a good idea.
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