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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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As a Trekkie, I never felt excluded by what he said. Maybe the wording could have been different, but at no point did I feel like was saying "Trek fans won't like this."

Would it have been better if he said "I'm not only making this movie for Trek fans"? There, now Trek fans are still included. It was an interview. People say things. Do you know every single word that is going to come out of your mouth every time someone asks you a question?
Exactly. Nobody I know was offended, and I like to think that most of us are not so prickly and/or insecure that the studios have to worry about bruising our delicate little feelings by not sucking up to us enough.

As long as the movie is good, I don't care if I'm being properly "respected" or not. All that matters is the final product.

And I suspect that most moviegoers feel the same way.
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