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Re: Confessions: You do it and you know it is bad

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Back on the temperature thing. I never understood why it was so difficult for people to understand that if they are cold they can put on a sweater, but if I am hot, I can't exactly walk around nude. Guess that's why I like working as a systems admin. Computer server rooms are kept nice and cold. Like TSQ, I keep the window open all winter in the bedroom with a fan going. I can't stand stagnant air.
Just to respond to this, but it's still a matter of kind of discomfort. I don't find heat and cold to hit me the same way. When things are way too hot, I'm usually just tired and out of it. When things are cold, it can be almost painful and the whole time my body is fighting to stay warm. Just, I realize that cold can be mitigated easier, but I find heat more tolerable.
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