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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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Indeed; this news just makes me more pissed he did Trek in the first place than ever. I'm not a particularly big SW fan, but good for Abrams for making the film he already wanted to make; it's just a shame he had to turn another franchise into what he wanted all along in order to get there.
He never turned anything into anything else.

BTW those thinking he'll still direct Trek 3 are delusional.
$20 says he does.

I do think there's a good chance we could get a great Trek 3 from another director out of this... but I could equally see Abrams saying "No, no, I ain't abandoning Trek! I'll do it! Well... maybe not. But don't make another one quite yet, Paramount! I'll... produce it! Yeah, just as soon as I'm done with SW." Then another SW. Then something else. The 50th anniversary is skipped. Trek 3 moves further and further away until... poof, the franchise had died once again.
OMG! OMG! OMG! Where's the panic button!!!!!???

Despite the '09 film's success, it still took 4 years to get the ball rolling again due to Abrams and Bad Robot wanting to do other things.
Why do people continuously act like this was some freakishly abnormal hiatus?

In any case, I don't see why a guy as talented as Abrams should be limited to one project at a time.

This could very well be that magnified; if Abrams and Bad Robot still say they want to be involved but are intertwined with SW for the immediate future, I could easily see a scenario where, despite how successful Into Darkness is, Trek 3 doesn't happen or it's a very long time before it does.
More with the panic button?

For on thing, it's a pretty safe bet STIII has already been written. Even if it hasn't, there is zero indication Kurtzman and Orci are involved with Star Wars. In fact, I bet if it were up to Orci, he'd just assume stay with Trek.

YARN wrote: View Post
I wonder if he'll say it. It's something you shouldn't say to any fan base,
It needed to be said, and he said it.

The fact that he hurt your feelings is irrelevant.
Konnichi wa!
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