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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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I wonder if he'll say "This movie isn't made for Star Wars fans."
You only missed that joke by about 80 posts.
Hey, M'Sharak, how have you been?

I wasn't joking. I wonder if he'll say it. It's something you shouldn't say to any fan base, but if he does, I'll at least have to give him kudos for not being inconsistent.

Now he's a Star Wars fan and SW has a much bigger fan base and is more iconic, so it will be interesting see if he plays this card or not.
You know, I'll jump up and down any opportunity to bad mouth Abrams (you know I will), but the "Not made for fans" comment is the proper approach. After all, if you want your movie to suceed you can't make it for the fans. It's too narrow an audience to get any real success.

Granted, Abrams needs to learn to respect his fans better than he does, but this comment is one thing he has done right.
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