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Re: What the hell is McCoy doing on the bridge?

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Also remember, Kirk was McCoy's best buddy. When Bones wasn't busy, he was hanging out because Kirk let him. Kirk didn't exactly run the tightest ship in the fleet, how many episodes ended with everyone falling around laughing? A lot of the time, Bones is palling around. I'm sure if there was something vital going on in Sick Bay, he'd be down taking care of it. Otherwise, he's a bit of a slacker. In Conscience of the King, he's more concerned with tying one on than listening to the EX voice concerns about the captain.

Non issue.
Agreed. I always thought Kirk wanted him there. Kirk relied on his council and advice.

Now, when Spock was in command, that's another story. McCoy rode Spock mercilessly. It was brutal. Spock had the patients of a saint.
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