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Who the fuck wants to celebrate their fiftieth birthday? I didn't.
This year is Doctor Who's fiftieth anniversary and the BBC have been commissioned an anniversary special for the day it originally aired, a drama about how Doctor Who was created, stories for each Doctor every month on the big screen at the BFI (which, so far, have each sold out before the day of the event), different stories for each Doctor every month on BBC America (the first time Classic Who's aired on the channel), short stories for each Doctor released as eBooks to later be collected in a physical anthology, re-released books for every Doctor with new covers, and much more that hasn't even been announced yet.

Anniversaries mean something. It's a matter of pride, of accomplishment, that something can endure and still be remembered and loved and treasured 50 years after it's released. There's plenty of successful shows in the 60s that have faded into obscurity, but the fact that Trek is still here, still loved, that people still know Kirk and Spock and new adventures featuring them are still made. This SHOULD be something to be celebrated and rewarded and cherished. To compare it to the unfortunate habit of human beings getting self-conscious about their youth and futility and getting closer to death, as Bashir and Garak discussed in a DS9 actually, is insane. It's not a physical person worried about getting old. It's an artistic property that endures and lingers.
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