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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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Who should replace him for the third film?
But why assume at this point that he'll need replacing?
We've already seen the glacier pace J.J. movies at..

Even if Paramount were somehow okay with this

I'd say its a given

The question now is does STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS just become a big star wars commercial?

all the press and promotion for the film is just gonna be questions about JJ leaving for star wars.

I'd say Paramount has to be pretty pissed.
You make a good point. He is going to be asked about Star Wars at every single interview he does for Into Darkness from now on. Will take some of the buzz away from Into Darkness for sure. On the other hand maybe more people will see it because of the Star wars hype?? That is what Paramount has to hope for anyways.
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