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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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Abrams going to SW is a little like Roy Williams leaving Kansas for North Carolina. How could KU alum begrudge him returning to his first love after all the success he had with KU? And it's not like things have been bad for KU since Williams left. I'll hold onto that as a metaphor for what just happened here.
I know KU people that still hate Roy Williams.

Trek supposedly inspried Lucas to work in Sci-Fi. The big box office of Star Wars moved Star Trek from Phase 2 to TMP, right? They've been linked before.

I have zero knowledge of 'the industry' but as has been said in this thread if word was that 'Into Darkness' was crap I doubt this would have happened.
Well, those KU people can give me all their 2008 NCAA Tournament Champions t-shirts if they want. I'll just cross out KU and put ISU.

As you and Legion speculated earlier, the inside buzz on STID must be good for Disney to be hungry for Abrams. Conversely, if one is a SW fan, I think it would be a good sign all around to have Abrams on board. If he didn't see the entire script while he was deciding, I'm sure he saw huge chunks of it. If he didn't like it, I can't imagine he'd have agreed to direct it. (I wonder if he had to sign a secrecy oath if he did see the script?)
Unfortunately the 'conversely' I was thinking was that if Zack Snyder isn't doing it that might mean the new Superman movie isn't that great. Of course that's totally uninformed speculation.
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