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Re: DS9 and/or Bashir followup...

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To continue the saga of DSN and Bashir, I'd say read the DSN Relaunch in the editorially-intended order. In later years, the DSN novels and other series began to mix a bit under newer headings, so I'd include them. Bolded are books with a special Bashir focus.

To wit:

  • read
  • all
  • of
  • these
  • every
  • last
  • one
  • they
  • are
  • absolutely
  • amazing
See my comment in the list.

  • Fearful Symmetry by Olivia Woods
  • The Soul Key by Olivia Woods
  • The Never-Ending Sacrifice by Una McCormack
  • Destiny by David Mack (big TNG/DSN/VOY/ENT crossover; placing it here rather than after Soul Key is arbitrary but works)
    Gods of Night
    Mere Mortals
    Lost Souls
Yeah, it may be kind of arbitrary, but there's really no good reason to place it anywhere else. (And I think you should read TNES before Destiny.)
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