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Re: Latest acquisition!

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b) if I want roomier pages on which to view the comics, I should purchase the trade collections?
Definitely 'b'.
Heh, I figured. That's a shame, because I feel like these could've been a really fun, immersive visual experience. But now it's kinda... cramped. Oh well.

I did indeed get The Body Electric; my thoughts are in the review thread.

I also made my way to a major used bookstore in my area, and picked up Vulcan's Heart and the third Crucible book, mainly because they were good deals. Am setting aside Crucible until I get books one and two, but I've started on Heart and am really liking it! For a roughly fifteen-year-old novel, I've been surprised at how many continuity nods there are, both to the TV series and to later novels. (Of course, its the later novels who referenced Heart, but the end result is the same for me as a reader.)

I have few vices in life, but one of them is Trek, so I do tend to splurge... (though, actually, not really, since a lot of what I buy are older, out-of-print used books; I get new books relatively sparingly these days.)
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