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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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Except that the people actually on trial essential conceded that they killed people, they argued self-defense. That almost always comes down to the credibility of the witnesses. What possible obstruction of justice could have resulted in a finding of self-defense?
Lewis admitted he gave misleading statements to police the morning after the killings. He acknowledged he misled them and plead guilty. I'm not questioning the fact that his friends worked in self defense. I've never called him a murderer. I'm just saying misleading the police in a double homicide is not a sign of maturity or some remarkable story of courage.
And then he pled guilty to doing exactly that. I agree completely that misleading the police is not a sign of maturity. However, taking responsibility for misleading the police and then turning your life around to start doing good things in the community is. It's also possible to mature in 13 years.

You say you never called him a murderer, but you start talking about the victims's families. Victims of his obstruction? Did you want him to be sentenced to murder because he obstructed justice or do you want him sentenced to obstruction of justice for obstruction of justice?
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