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Re: Worst lines of dialogue in the entire series?

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And he never uses a tricorder to find it, he somehow intuitively just grabs it. It could have been a waste extraction module, for all he knew.
Great discussion. Gawd, I thought the cloaking device was too small as it was. Let's face it, Enterprise Incident probably has more "holes" in it than any other episode.

The point is, all the worst dialogue is going to be in Season Three, because Gene Coon had left the show, and so had Robert Justman. When i started this thread, what I meant by worst dialogue was dialogue that is clumsy or inept, not necessarily reflecting poor or non-credible plot points alone... dialogue that doesn't flow very well and is awkward.

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I thought Gene Coon wrote some episodes under Lee Cronin?

Coon had a hand in these four episodes:

Spock's Brain
Spectre of the Gun
Wink of an Eye
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
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