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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

Kamdan wrote: View Post
Who should replace him for the third film?
But why assume at this point that he'll need replacing?

Kamdan wrote: View Post
This move pretty much makes him an outright liar <snip>

I'm not going to trust a single thing he says from now on.
Jeyl wrote: View Post
JJ has officially lied to Star Trek.
Deep breaths. Take deep breaths.

If this is indeed true, then Disney apparently was able to talk him into changing his mind. No big deal - people change their minds every day. Having said once in an interview that he thought someone else ought to direct Star Wars 7 does not constitute a solemn promise by J.J. Abrams to Star Trek, Star Trek fans, or anyone else that he would never or could never ever be convinced to do it himself.
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