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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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Justin Upton and Chris Johnson will be traded to Atlanta for Martin Prado, Randall Delgado and two prospects.

I'm pretty excited about an outfield with Heyward, B.J and Justin Upton. Wow.
Holy crap. That's absolute highway robbery, Kevin Towers has lost his mind.
Yeah, I mean I like Prado but he would have been a free agent at the end of the year anyway. Justin is only 24 years old which is crazy seeing as he has 5 years under his belt already. To get Chris Johnson too is ridiculous. Frank Wrenn is doing as well as John Scheurholz with about a half of the financial backing.
Yeah, it's impossible to put into words just how astounded I am at how lopsided this deal was. The Braves are getting a star player with upside at a below-market deal with three years of control left, and all he gave up for him was two eminently replaceable non-commodities off their roster and three nothing prospects. The best piece going out here is Randall Delgado, for God's sake.

Towers went full Rube. You never go full Rube.
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