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Re: Old Star Trek books

I went a 'con' around 1976..., Con meaning curtained off rooms where bloopers and illegal screenings of "Dark Star", "Forbidden Planet, and "The Day the Earth Stood Still" took place.

There I picked up an item that I've never seen since. It was a xeroxed copy of a crudely drawn, comic-book style parody of a couple of eps. The only thing I remember about it is this from "Where No Man has Gone Before":

Mitchell: "You fools! Soon I'll squash you like elephants!"
Kirk: "Thinks big, doesn't he?"

edit: If anyone is interested, apparently this is the con I went to, or it may have been the year before. What I find most interesting is they apparently did secure legal rights to show all these (as they comment in the front that they lost the right to show Rocky Horror Picture Show)...and also that they screened stuff 24/7

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