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Re: wild dolphin seeks out human help

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I don't think you can compare the killing of animals and humans with each other. Animals kill for food or territorial reasons (wich usually are about food, in the end). Humans often kill for fury, for greed and in order to completely extinct the others, not just their immediate opponents. That's something any other organism on this planet would consider totally unthinkable.
Humans kill for the same reasons. Resources, territories, mates. Many animals will attack another of their own kind on sight, even with nothing immediately at stake, simply because it represents competition. Humans tend to rationalize these instincts, which complicates things, but it's pretty much the same idea.

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
One problem is that the language you develop will probably only be appropriate to that dolphin. Humans have hundreds of languages. There is no reason to believe all dolphins use the same one. If they do share complex information through vocal communication, it's likely that dolphin communities around the world have their own language families, dialects, and even some language isolates.
Sure, that's very likely, but the experiment would only be dealing with the local community (using a mixed population at an aquarium or something would probably be unsuccessful). If the system turned out to be useful, the experiment could be duplicated in other parts of the world.

Dolphin communication probably also consists of body language, so translating only their sounds wouldn't necessarily give you any useful information.
That's another advantage of using an artificial language-- it would bypass that problem.

In other words, this is a much, much more difficult problem than people may assume.
It's a very difficult problem indeed, but we'd gain some amazing information and insights if we were to solve it.

trekkiedane wrote: View Post
*Including primates and dolphins.
Yes, that's very true.

Gary7 wrote: View Post
That's a major sweeping generalization. SOME animals kill their own kind all the time. There are plenty who do not.
There may be some who do not, but the vast majority will. Competition is fundamental. All species compete with each other and with other species in some way.

Human Beings are the ONLY creatures who have committed genocide and wage war.
No, that's far from true. Many species exhibit those exact same behaviors, including primates. I'm not sure if gorillas do-- they're actually pretty gentle creatures-- but certainly chimps and other primates have.

Gotham Central wrote: View Post
All through your post all I could think of was that your effort would simply result in the creation of an army of dolphins that can only say.....DARWIN PLAY!
Well, at least we'd have the answer to our question.
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