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Re: Has your perception of Trek changed in the last 10 years?

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I'm a lot more of a casual fan of it these days than I used to be.
I'm still a huge fan of Star Trek.

But about five or six years ago, I started to wonder if I was a fan of the show or a fan of the minutiae. A realization set in that I wasn't having fun any more, I was just going though the motions.

The obvious stupidity of some episodes/movies still bothers me to an extent, but I no longer wrap myself in disgust when a cloaking device shows up in Enterprise or when some other odd detail from one series doesn't match another. I know when I watch Seinfeld, I don't bitch and moan when he shifts from being a Mets fan to being a Yankees fan or the structural features of his apartment change even though he has never moved during the course of the series.

Nowadays, I hold Trek to the same standard that I hold other shows I watch: does it entertain me? In my opinion, it's the only standard that matters. Probably why Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise and the Next Gen movies have mostly fallen off of my radar.
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