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But she didn't though. All her relationships had changed. Sisko accepted her, but he never embraced her, at least never like he did Jadzia. Kira was no longer her BFF. And Quark was passive at best about her.

Even Julian's relationship with her was different. His crush on Jadzia and romance with Ezri was really meant to be a juxtaposition.

And the host/symbiote relationship was totally different. Where Jadzia Whatever-her-name-was (Does anyone know?) was an equal partner with Dax, Ezri Tigan was a complete subservient of Dax. This dyad shift was explored a little in "Field of Fire" and hinted at in other parts, but it was really the lit writers who explored the full weight of it. I suppose had the show run longer, they would have explored it more.
I agree about her relationships with the other characters having changed but i completely and respectfully disagree with your assesment of the Dax/Jadzia and Dax/Ezri relationships. Imho Ezri was never subserviant to Dax and Jadzia was very far from being equal to Dax.

So much of Jadzia Dax's personality seemed to come from the symbiont and the past hosts, from her close friendship with Sisko who saw her as a younger female version of his old friend to her obssesion with Klingon culture, so much so that 'Jadzia' felt like a complete non-entity to me. Dax was the dominant perosnality in that relationship. Ezri on the otherhand may have been overwhelmed at first by the memories and feelings of past hosts that she was never meant to experience but once she adjusted she did a very good job and had a much stronger personality than what Jadzia ever had. She was never subserviant to Dax.

Jadzia acted as though the symbiont were the dominant personality whereas Ezri always held herself apart from the symbiont and by doing so remained the dominant personality.
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