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Re: Will we ever see a red Tardis?

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See the picture partway down. Scottish police boxes were apparently red.

Would be cool for the Master's Tardis.
That's odd. My wife took s trip to Scotland a few years back and has a picture of herself standing next to a blue police box.
She tried to open the doors but couldn't get in. I told her next time to take my Tardis key with her and try it.
Glasgow police boxes were all red up to a certain point, the 1960s I think. As well as the one in the old Museum of Transport which was mentioned above somewhere, there was one remaining red box on Wilson Street in the city. This was restored a few years ago (complete with phone and first aid kit!) and is now blue. I believe its also the only box of the four remaining on the streets in Glasgow that hasn't been turned into a kiosk selling coffee, ice cream or tartan(!).

By the way, here is the current modern incarnation of a police box. I walk past it every morning and don't think I've seen it work yet.
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