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As for typing speed, don't apologize. Took typing classes nearly 30 years ago, but to this day, I'm still something of a "hunt and pecker". (Wait; that doesn't sound right!) An early childhood stroke left me with slightly diminished motor skills in my left arm. Thankfully I wasn't left slogging about like Igor for some mad scientist.
You know, I'm a rather brilliant surgeon. Perhaps I can help you with that hump.
I was fortunate to learn on Dad's manual Olivetti portable, though I started with 3-finger hunt and peck. I took touch-typing in high school. I had the highest speed of two classes at 70 on manual Olympias (or was it Olympus?) with no mistakes, but that was too much effort to be comfortable. I scaled back to an easier 55, and only one other person matched me. I think I ended the course with 60. Our church had an IBM Selectric with the interchangeable ball fonts, and I absolutely flew on that at 125. The skill served me well, with several early data entry jobs. When I last tested for a job in the early 90s, I was at 95 on a computer.
Rejoice, brethren! Soon we shall be walking in a winter wonderland.

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