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Actually, I think the Ancient Aliens method is more dishonest than the Bible method. The bible never pretends to be scientific.
You think they try to be scientific? I've always taken their docu-entertainment as more as Van Daniken et al always prefacing there theories with something like:

"So I asked the question, how could ancient peoples XX who possessed just rocks and chisels move 100 ton boulders up mountains without help or at least some sort of pulley technoloy and how could they fuse the boulders together at perfect right angels without any separation between the stones without some sort or torch technology?" etc. etc.

In other words, it's leading for sure and they suggest that someone with far superior technology [like the aliens] be the one's responsible or at least who lends aide but unlike the bible they don't present it as fact but try to get the viewer to buy into what they consider to be facts.

Moreover, ask your average Christian if he/she believes that Jesus Christ made water into wine, fed more than 1000 with his magical abilities, and died and came back to life and ask them what "facts," that is based on - and most of the time the answer is, because the bible says so.
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