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There's no face on Mars. "Ancient Alien theorists" appearing in the media are idiots, con men and loonies. Von Daniken is a crackpot and the entire premise that extraterrestrials were responsible for a single thing we know about the history of this planet is moronic beyond belief, pabulum for the credulous.
Meh. Is it any less "moronic," than a 'god,' depositing his DNA into a middle eastern Jewish woman named Mary - having a child who at the age of 33 has a grand epiphany that he's also a god/man who goes onto magically create food out of thin air, make water into wine, and even raise a man from death.?

If Von Daniken is a 'crack pot,' so were Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
I believe there are historical records (non-Biblical) showing a lot of those guys died for their faith. They were also defending something that they were a personal witness to.

Even if you don't choose to believe what they did, you'll agree that Von Daniken is unlikely to die for his claims and doesn't claim (as far as I know) to have witnessed them. There is a difference.
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