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Re: Has your perception of Trek changed in the last 10 years?

I'm somewhere in between the views that Trek was tired and cliched, and simply something good to watch and enjoy.

Star Trek was one of the few sci-fi that said humanity 'made it' -everyone is happy and well fed and gets along. That was always the main theme.

The problem is, it didn't always take risks and missed some good opportunities. Tried to send messages with just analogies only.
Today's shows are edgier than ever and get better ratings as a result.

Have some one curse when they get mad. Or drink something typical like beer and eat fries or something.

Or listen to something other than jazz or classical music or opera for a change. It's the 24th century lol.

"The Outcast" from TNG was obviously an attempt at sending a message, but it was way too safe and quiet and boring, so you have to wonder if anyone got the message.

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