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Now, my mom is crocheting me an afghan, and my sister is knitting me a sweater! And it's a sweater you guys might get a laugh out of. It's not done yet, but she texted me this photo of her progress. She's wearing it here, it'll fit me a bit better, as she has bigger boobs than me and I have a smaller waist:

Okay, that is actually turning out really nice. Much better then the original.
Thanks, and to everyone else who complimented her! I'm passing on the comments to my sister. I've been trying to encourage her to set up an Etsy shop for ages! There are a lot of things going on right now that are making it difficult for her to get a job, but I think she has enough talent to be at least somewhat successful, and that could be the boost her confidence needs. I've even offered for her to use my Etsy shop space, and to redo my shop to reflect dual ownership and cover all her posting fees for her (she's pretty short on cash). I think it's finally starting to get through, though! Yesterday on Facebook she asked people what they thought a reasonable price was for a hand knit, uniquely designed sweater!

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