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Re: Confessions: You do it and you know it is bad

Speaking of vandalism...

We moved around a lot when I was a kid, though always in the Seattle area. For a few years, when I was between the ages of 9-13, we lived in a dumpy little town about 40 minutes north of Seattle, called Bothell, which back then consisted of a cute-ish old town center, some strip malls, and some Eastern Washington rednecks who must have stumbled over the Cascades at some point (seriously, my friend and I got chased off a guy's farm with a rifle once when we were 9!). Anyway, it was a dull place for someone who had spent most of her early life in downtown Seattle, and I quickly took up the habit of expressing myself artistically on public property. Mostly by painting over the "Bot" on the sign that said "Welcome to Bothell, for a day or a lifetime!" I must have done that at least two dozen times.

I never did anything too bad though, and I only vandalized private property twice: There was a really big, fancy house on the way to school that used to put up really nice Christmas decorations -- all white icicle lights and real fir garland. They had those reindeer made of white lights that moved, and we used to put them in positions of...fornication...on the way to school. They'd put them back, and then the next morning we'd do it again. This would go on all season. I'm counting that as one.
The other time was in my teen years when a group of friends and I spray painted "RAPIST" in huge letters across the front of a guy's house. It wasn't the right thing to do, but we had a good reason, which is obvious.

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