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Re: StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Speaking of hearts, SCII broke mine when they recast Kerrigan with a Tricia Helfer over the original actress Glynnis Talken Campbell. I remember her voice for both Kerrigan and infested Kerrigan as one of the great works in video game voice acting. After all, when the major character of your franchise is about the size of a cursor onscreen and the profile shot is the size of a folder icon, the voice is what really brings the character to life. I even remember going to Blizzcon and actually watching the SCII cutscenes that actually showcased Campbell voicing SCII's Kerrigan in the scene where she says "I knew you'd find your way here eventually".

Wings of Liberty thankfully had the original actors for Raynor and Mengsk back and that was a relief since the story focused on Raynor. Now my HotS features my biggest disappointment in Blizzard as the starring role, and I am this close to turning on the subtitles and killing the voice audio upfront. It's not that I don't like Tricia Helfer. I think she's a fine watchable actress, but when you consider all the big name science fiction games that features her talent (Halo, Command & Conquer, Warhammer (publicity, I know), Mass Effect), I just can't help but feel disappointed in Blizzard for not sticking to the talent that helped make their games truly epic.
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