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Re: TNG: The Body Electric by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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If you say Tuvix was similar to a joined Trill... shouldn't that also imply that Tuvix should hold the same regard as a joined Trill? That no matter how he came to be this new and now joined life is just as precious as the two individuals he came from?
I addressed that several posts ago in response to Hartzilla2007.

Biologically, Jadzia and the symbiont never ceased to exist - they were still 2 different entities, not a new 3rd entity. The joining doesn't change one's personality, it just influences it, it gives experience and a new perspective on things due to the collected experience of prior hosts - and that perhaps appears as though it changes the host's (not joined Trill's) personality.
I disagree completely with your interpretation. The physical aspects don't matter to a definition of a person's mental identity. What matters is that the two minds are completely merged into a single personality. The joined Trill is a complete and equal merger of both host and symbiont -- it is absolutely not just the host with some kind of minor "influence" from the symbiont.

IMO you could see that quite well with Ezri.
I think what we saw with Ezri Dax proves just the opposite of what you're claiming. She wasn't just Ezri Tigan with some new "influences." She was a fledgling composite personality who was struggling to figure out just who she was, and at first was often confused by the conflicting memories in her head, to the point of almost forgetting who she was.

Not so with Tuvix. He was a new person, made up of the DNA of Tuvok and Neelix with both their sets of memories. But that's it. Tuvok and Neelix were just a thought in his mind.
I'm just a thought in my own mind. The distinction you're drawing is meaningless.
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