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Re: wild dolphin seeks out human help

Rhubarbodendron wrote: View Post
In my opinion the dolphin
1) was aware that the line was human-made
2) knew he (or she, rather, I think. The video is a bit dark) couldn't get it off alone
3) realized that removing a man-made thing might require fingers (and the human attached to them)
It would probably associate fishing boats with humans but could also have had friendly encounters with humans before.

What do you think? Are dolphins a sentinent species? Should they been given protection? Should they be treated different to other protected species, possibly even given the same status as humans? How about the other whales?
Yes, yes, they should be left alone and studied intensively and non-intrusively... Well, maybe except for that speaking with them-thing*, no, possibly.

*Why not just teach them English by shouting at them until they understand?

RJDiogenes wrote: View Post
Animals[*] compete with and kill their own kind all the time.
*Including primates and dolphins.

Gotham Central wrote: View Post
Is this really news? I was under the impression that Dolphins in the wild have been known to seek out humans when they need help. And the reverse has been known to be true. Dolphins will come to the aid of humans if they are aware of danger or see one in need.
Dolphins in the wild have indeed been known to come to the aid of humans¹ but afaik not coming to humans for help. Until recently that is: Dolphins are being exposed to humans like never before; they have become tourist attractions! People swim with them and take Dolphin tours; feeding of wild Dolphins in order to attract them is not legal though: it makes them associate boats with food. Many Dolphins are injured by boats because of this.

¹ - Afaik it's probably because they recognize an (un-threatening) air-breather in distress (they do have that magic ultra-sound vision) and know they need to get to the surface to breathe.
It doesn't necessarily follow that they seek out humans, only that they have highly developed social skills.

Oh, And this thread needs the video, no matter how tacky


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